If your Dyson vacuum cleaner has stopped working, then this could be for a number of reasons.

Here are 10.

1. The filters may be blocked.  They can be washed, and need to be dried thoroughly before they can be put back on, so you might want to have a spare set of filters so that you can keep on cleaning.

2. A clogged brush bar will mean that your Dyson won’t pick up dust from the carpet.  Make sure that it isn’t blocked with anything, and that pet hair hasn’t got stuck in it.  If it has, then you’ll need to clear it.

3. A clogged hose might also be to blame.  Never try to vacuum up large objects, or objects that you know should be picked up manually.

4. A cracked hose can lead to a loss of power and suction.  By checking your hose regularly, you’ll be able to see if there is any damage to the hose, before the damage gets serious.

5. If your Dyson keeps cutting out, then the power cable is likely to be cracked. It makes sense to replace the whole power cable, as it could deteriorate and become dangerous over time.

6. A burning smell coming from your vacuum cleaner is likely to be a motor problem.  Perhaps it’s overheating, or there’s a problem with the motor.  The motor is usually straightforward to replace, which will be cheaper than buying a new vacuum cleaner.

7. If the wheels are broken, then they might be affecting the control and performance of your Dyson.  By using your vacuum cleaner carefully, and not driving over large objects, you’re likely to ensure that the wheels last longer.

8. If your vacuum cleaner falls over, or something lands on it, check to make sure that there is no obvious damage that could stop it fro, working. 

9. It might just be that it needs servicing.  Like cars, vacuum cleaners will perform much better and consistently if they are looked after properly.  When was the last time your vacuum cleaner was serviced?

10. Perhaps you’re not using your Dyson properly. You might be using it on the wrong surface, trying to pick up items that are too big, or not storing it adequately.

Now you know more about why your vacuum cleaner has stopped working, how will you fix your Dyson?

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