I have a 16014 of unknown age – it was my father’s watch and he’s unfortunately long gone. I have owned this watch for many years – he gave it to me in the late 90’s, but I rarely wear the watch anymore favouring some my newer, larger watches – however, I would like to wear the DJ a bit more, but the original jubilee bracelet really prevents me from it. After 40+ years it’s remarkably stretched and just feels/looks a touch sloppy. I don't want to have it repaired by someone like Rollieworks – it’s perfect the way my father owned it – just not that perfect for me. (Don't worry – I'm keeping the bracelet, I just don't want to keep it on the watch right now.)

I’m looking for suggestions on what new Rolex bracelet might fit – this 16014 has case holes and uses the 555 endlinks. I’m wondering if there is a newer bracelet that can be found through RSC perhaps that will fit, keeps a close to the original look and feel, and is actually available/obtainable?


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