2010’s has seen Mercedes Benz add some super hot updates and improvements to their range of cars and limousines, including the Maybach – the Royles Royce’s and Bentleys’ contemporary competitor when it comes to luxury.

2010’s range adds contemporary and elegant luxury to the modern small limo or saloon. The newest Maybachs (the Maybach 57 and 62) host a new silver grille, a bonnet with a shapely edge, as well as a set of new lights, including LEDS and fashionable wheels (19-20 inches depending on model). Not only this but the rear reclining seats, now available in these models, allow you to lay back in pure style and luxury.

Mercedes Benz has also added a number of additions to their Maybach range, which give the Maybach’s range its supreme elegance, luxury and confidence. Privacy will never be an issue in the Maybach as an opaque partition will let passenger’s have all the privacy they need, whilst allowing light in. And from their newly added 19 inch high resolution screen, which is to replace the old 9.5 inch in prior models, they can choose to watch whatever they want. A camera also allows for feedback on traffic in the car, so that passengers can keep an eye on the traffic, whilst being free from view.

Mercedes has adequately recognised particular needs of its busy users and has therefore included a wireless router; so that passengers can still keep connected with clients and colleagues even when in the limousine! Expect in the new and improved Maybach, the faster of the connection speeds, i.e. HSDPA, UMTS and GSM/EDGE, which makes connecting wirelessly on the go easier and so much faster. Bluetooth connections and a DVD player have also been introduced to the Maybach, making it an ideal limo to hire for in-car entertainment and business.

Not only has Mercedes Benz improved upon its selection of in-car technological options, it has enhanced its performance and interior design. This limousine has been engineered to have a lower environmental impact, whilst increasing its power. Benz have also developed the interior to be more aesthetically in tune with the overall image of the limousine – classy, noble, self-assured and stylish. Soft creams and autumn browns adorn the leather seats, making the interior a comfortable, classy and stylish area to sit in.

The Maybach is still very new to the market and may be shortly available for hire from limo hire and car hire companies all over the globe.

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