Surfside, Florida is still a young city, having yet to celebrate its centennial year. It was originally founded in 1935, by members of a private club called the “Surf Club”, which gave the town its name and a loan of about $30,000 to get itself started. These beginning years in its history saw the town as a very small and quiet place. Originally the area was nothing more than about a square mile of land with about fifty residents. Now, it is a fully developed municipality with a range of houses, business, condominiums, and recreation facilities.

It was after World War Two that the town saw a significant boost in residency, with individuals migrating to Surfside from every place imaginable, attracted to the beautiful beach and the strong sense of civic duty displayed by those who controlled the town. By its twenty-fifth year Surfside had grown from that original count of fifty residents to over three-thousand. That number swelled to over ten-thousand during the winter months, with many people adopting Surfside as a home away from home and choosing Surfside as their top tourist destination.

People looking to build new homes and start new lives after the war came to Surfside in large numbers, attracted to the song sense of community and public welfare that has always been of such importance to the city. This influx of new residents did not diminish the strong bonds that made the town, and in fact only served to knit the town even closer together. Over the years, as Surfside has grown so too has its commitment to taking care of those who live in its boundaries.

The residents of the city, in keeping with that strong sense of community, approved the building of a large Community Center in 1962. This Community Center has long been a central point of the town, containing many local resources for the residents, containing the town’s library, swimming pools, and much more, with events being held there almost every day of the year. This Community Center has been continually maintained and improved through the years, with additions being made when needed to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the town’s residents.

Now, as the town of Surfside, Florida approaches its one-hundredth anniversary, one thing about the town is certain. It is as committed as ever to the well-being of those who live there. It is unique in its commitment to caring for its residents, from providing for it in the form of its Community Center to its unique sanitation and disposal system, which picks up trash six times a week and keeps Surfside one of the most beautiful towns in Florida.

While it remains a quiet town, with much of the attention being drawn to the bigger and bustling areas of South Beach and Miami nearby, Surfside is by no means a place to be overlooked. There is a lot to do in Surfside, and it is continuing to grow year by year while maintaining the values on which it was originally founded. Surfside is an incredible little town with a fantastic history of commitment and caring which truly makes it unique.

Florida based freelance journalist Jim O’Donnell often writes on civil and economic topics. Being based in Florida, he is interested in the role of Real Estate development and in particular the role of condominium development as a class of home ownership. The development of Surfside Condos and Miami Luxury Homes in general has always interested him.


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