The three car carport and garage is becoming a far more familiar sight in homes than it was two decades ago. For homeowners who do not own three cars, the additional space can be considered a boon. Formerly considered something of a luxury, three car garages became more standardized in many suburban areas in the early 2000s. Initially, the third bay came under criticism because it was often thought to be too small to house any car larger than a Mini-Cooper, but the augmentative storage potential may have turned out a blessing for homeowners who did not want to invest in separate storage sheds.

Standard 3 car carports and garages are considered average at a 24-foot depth and a 30-foot width, if the idea is to keep three cars in it. If you plan to keep only two cars, these dimensions leave you a little more room for storing equipment such as lawn, garden, and snow-removal equipment or machinery, but that is about as far as you can go without facing serious space problems. Additional storage for smaller items can easily be added along the perimeter or overhead without taking away any of the vehicle storage space. Shelving works best because you can easily see where things are stored. Enclosed storage is best for items that are dangerous or toxic.

Some 3 car carport plans include three separate garage doors; others include the familiar double garage door and a separate third door; still others may include a two car garage with a divider inside the garage between that and the bay for the third car. In addition, they can be attached to the house or a separate structure next to the house. Built separately, a three-car garage can be either a straight structure or an L-shape, customarily.

Widths of 32, 34, or 36 feet are considered far better for three car garages-especially if the homeowner’s household has only two cars but a need for serious craftsman’s workspace. It becomes easier not only to store some lawn and snow removal equipment but to build a workbench, store working tools from hand to power tools, and install other small cabinets related to those kinds of home projects. Some homeowners even converted the third bay in a 3 car carport and garage into a home office. These homeowners saw that as a practical project that had the better of two worlds-convenience to the main house, and access right in front of or behind them if they need to jump in the car to run an errand.

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