I've been looking to buy a quality watch for a few years now. I love some of the Omegas but I want something not flashy, to wear every day and that will hold it's value quite well, so I'm now thinking about a Rolex Datejust 6300-0011. I found it on the Rolex website and it's list price is £6350.00. I was hoping to get one that was a couple of years old but any used ones I'm seeing for sale seem to be a lot more than this. I'm guessing this is down to availability and demand? Also I'm reading that it's very difficult to even order certain watches new in the UK without having some history with the AD. So my question is, how am I best going about acquiring one of these watches? I don't mind leaving a decent deposit and going on a waiting list if buying new is definitely my best bet for price. Thanks for any pointers! It's a big purchase for me, and I might never get another, so I want to try and get it right!

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