With trends changing, accessories have not only become fashionable but an essential part of a man’s ensemble. Today, accessorizing is an iconology used to express individuality. Whether you are sporting Salvatore Ferrgamo shoes, a Gucci tie or, Longines watch, accessories rule the current fashion season. They not only give the male wardrobe a complete and definite look, but also transform a simple outfit to a classy and stylish one.

As we all know, fashion and trends change with every season; what is considered hip one season soon changes to outdated in the next. In such a dynamic scenario, the fashion conscious not only have to be constant with the flow but have to be on the look out for the next big thing. To combat this and save money that would be wasted in keeping with every new trend, it is essential to learn the art of accessorizing. It will help you to change, transform and resurrect the same trends with a completely new look at little cost instead of having to replenish your wardrobe whenever new stocks hit the stores.

For instance, in adding a new flavour to the old cowboy look of stone washed denim jeans and chequered shirt, one only needs a few well-chosen accessories like a hat, cowboy shoes and a studded leather belt to change and revive the old fashion trend. Thus accessories help to not only replicate new catwalk trends but also give the older outdated versions a new lease of life. The most sought after accessories can attract as much attention as the clothes they accompany and create as much of a furor as the clothes themselves.

Eyeglasses can enhance your image and give a new look to your persona. They should suit a man’s taste and complement his features. Watches are a part and parcel of the male fashion ensemble; you could wear a chunky or sporty watch with casual clothes but a stylish designer watch is the right accessory to be worn with formal clothes.

Fine fashion accessories though not considered necessities, are just what you need to spruce up your image and look good every season. A Tag Heur wrist watch, a titanium ring, Dunhill tie pin, or a Louis Vuitton leather brief case can accessorize your wardrobe, add to your fashion arsenal and make you look and feel dandier than ever. Go with your style and use accessories that serve to enhance your personality and create a fashion statement.

William Brister – http://www.menswear.tv – A guide to male fashion.


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