Can we please have a separate area for AD “strategy” posts – like the authentication thread – so this sub can get back to being about Rolex watches again?

Seems like all the posts on here are people looking for some magical secret to skipping the line, thinking they’re special enough to talk their way into a steel Daytona with no purchase history, think their birthday or graduation matters to salespeople, etc.

We know you want a Batman. We know you want a Pepsi, a Daytona, etc – and we definitely know you REFUSE to pay market price for it (re: can’t afford) but also refuse to do the things other people do for the watch at ADs like buying other watches and jewelry.

Y’all really need your own place to hang out. This is not r/RolexDealerTactics, it’s r/Rolex. We know the market is shitty for most people and that way more people want Rolex sport models than could ever own them, it’s not gonna change if you gripe about it. That should be done elsewhere, so we can focus on Rolex content.

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