Our last AD wait time megathread seemed to be useful/well-received for a lot of you. Since that post is now archived, time for a new one!

Nowadays when someone posts a new watch it's pretty standard to get asked how long they waited and if they had an “established relationship” etc. It's not everyone's favorite topic but it's a fair question, so maybe these big threads can provide a clearer picture of availability trends.

No one is obligated to share their info but if you bought a new Rolex in 2021 and you'd like to participate, please make a top-level comment that includes:

  1. What watch did you buy?
  2. When?
  3. How long did you wait?
  4. Where are you? (Be as specific or nonspecific as you want, from continent to a specific AD)
  5. Any purchase history with that AD? (Again be as specific or nonspecific as you feel comfortable)

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