Surrogacy is a process where a surrogate mother and intended parents mutually agree on the process where the surrogate mother would carry and nurture a child for them to full term. The process is a wonderful option for intended parents to finally have their own biological child however there are certain advantages and disadvantages that intended parents should be aware about on surrogacy. Here are some of the most common advantages and disadvantages:


1. Surrogacy can be a tedious and difficult process especially for first time intended parents. There are many processes involved with surrogacy ranging from finding reliable surrogate mothers, legal process, financial matters and medical procedures. The best solution to work around this major disadvantage would be to do a bit of research before making any final decisions on surrogacy.

2. Surrogacy is an expensive process. The average cost of surrogacy would range about $50,000 to $80,000. There are different costs that intended parents would have to cover on surrogacy. Some of these costs are medical bills, attorney fees, medications for the surrogate mother and payment to the surrogate mother. The best solution for this is that intended couples can start saving ahead of time before considering surrogacy. They can avoid buying expensive items like cars and skip expensive vacations to help them save up for surrogacy.


1. Surrogacy is a wonderful option for intended parents to have a biological child. This is a better option than adoption because the child you will have will be of your own flesh and blood. You need no longer worry about the history or background of the child you will have unlike with adoption.

2. Same sex couples can also try this process to have their own child. One of the most important stipulations to remember on surrogacy is that at least one of the intended parent’s own cells is used for the conception of the child. This is to avoid any legal complications or problems that may arise once the child is born.

3. There are now many specialized agencies for surrogacy. On some states where surrogacy is legal and protected, there are surrogate agencies that provide great assistance to intended parents. Like in Florida, where surrogacy is permitted and protected by laws and stipulations there are many reliable agencies. A Florida surrogate is also well known for her professionalism and reliability on surrogacy.

Knowing all the different advantages and disadvantages of surrogacy can help you plan and prepare correctly before you make this life changing decision. There are now several great online resources you can check on the internet to find out more information on this process. There are even websites that cater to interested parents, they provide helpful information on the different processes on surrogacy and could also give good referrals to reliable surrogate mothers. It is always best to understand the different steps and processes involved with surrogacy because there are many available options on surrogacy and finding the right option would mean less hassle and stress for you and your partner.

Jadesin Corewell is a surrogate mother for five years now, she writes helpful articles and guides for surrogate mothers and intended parents. Her goal is to educate intended parents on the process of surrogacy and to aid couples in finding the best florida surrogate.


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