Hey AP fans,

I am under 30, and am ready to get my first AP but have encountered the dreaded waiting lists. How is it that a 15500 or 15202 takes years to get but they're readily available on Chrono 24 etc for a crazy premium?

As a new AP collector, how am I even supposed to get my foot in the door at the brand? I can't get any entry-level stainless models and I do not need a gold watch at my age, nor do I want to spend on a gold watch. I know good things take time and I'm sure one of you will call me impatient, but I just do not understand how this is a sustainable model. Sure any brand strives for demand to outweigh supply but 5 years?!?! Will they even make the models by then?

Even Rolex ups production to satisfy demand from time to time and to ensure gray market is not destroying any chance of gaining a new client at a boutique. By the time I can actually get a single steel AP I could probably afford a Date Date platinum.

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