Went to the AP store here in Dallas. They said they just opened this week and was lucky enough to try on the 15450 on a white dial.

I was originally looking for the 39 “Jumbo” but they said they don't have it in stock but I was able to try the 41mm 15500 and it turned out to be too big on my wrist. The sales rep then told me to try the 37mm and it seems to be a perfect size.

My question now, is, since I wasn't able to try the 39mm “Jumbo”, is any larger than this 37mm that I have on? Which one has better movement?

I also really wanted the blue dial but realized that the blue dial color on the 15450 is a “cobalt blue” which is different from the blue dial of the 41mm. Another thing is that the dial in the 39mm is using the “Petite Tapisserie” vs the “Grand Tapisserie” on the 37mm. I'm pretty sure this is more subjective.



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