If you’re interested in Swiss watches or have read some wristwatch reviews, you’ve probably heard of Patek Philippe watches. You’ve also probably heard that Patek Philippe watches are the best in the world. But, exactly why is a Patek Philippe watch considered to be the best?

Patek Philippe has been making watches since 1839. They were founded in Geneva, Switzerland, and right from the start their reputation as manufacturers of fine timepieces spread throughout Europe and the world. Many famous people have owned a Patek Philippe watch, some of which were especially commissioned.

Many components and processes are required in making a watch. A watch needs to be made from the right materials, use current technology, with a reliable movement. Patek Philippe excels in every department.

Patek Philippe is probably the only watch maker that pretty much makes a watch from scratch. Unlike other leading wristwatch manufacturers who sub-contract out various components to others, Patek does everything. First the company uses only the best materials. It also, employs the world’s best craftsmen to make and design a watch; from jewellers, engineers, engravers, draftsmen and goldsmiths.

Patek Philippe is famed for its technical innovations; the company has over 70 patents. The following is a brief list of some of Patek’s innovations.

1842: Jean Philippe made the first watch that could be wound and set by means of a crown – something that all mechanical watches now do.

1653: Patek Philippe is accorded Patent No. 58941, for the slipping mainspring. This invention allows for the simultaneous winding of 2 or more mainspring barrels: a technique that is the foundation for all future development of self-winding mechanisms.

1899: A patent is acquired for a push-button system to trigger the minute repeater.

1925: Patek Philippe makes the world’s first instantaneous changing perpetual calendar wristwatch with indication of leap years.

1989: Patek Philippe make the Calibre 89 watch – the most complicated movement ever made.

2006: Patek announces its latest invention: the world’s first watch wheel to be made in silicon for anchor escapement.

All watches made by Patek Philippe are individual timepieces and the company can trace every piece it has ever made. Patek Philippe’s attention to detail means that it takes a long to produce each watch. The process begins with two to four years of research and development. Production of a Patek Philippe watch takes a minimum of nine months with more complicated watches taking up to two years. The company spends another six weeks to three months testing each model before it’s available for sale.

Patek Philippe wristwatches are considered to be the best wristwatches ever made. Owning a Patek watch means having something of exquisite beauty with advanced technology and crafted with minute attention to detail.

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