A Different Way to Fly Private

There is a spectrum when it comes to private flying. From the very top end of the spectrum where you can have a personalized A380 Jumbo, costing in excess of US$600 million down to the nimble, and still well appointed, Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet for around US$2 million. There are some interesting private/public hybrids worth considering if you do not want to fully own, or in the case of NetJets – partially own a private jet.

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Innovation in Private Jets

The new Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet steps up the innovation. Cirrus says that the Vision SF50 is unique with its single-engine, carbon-fibre body and Cirrus full plane parachute, which allows a pilot to float the entire plane to earth in an unprecedented crisis.

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The World’s Largest Super Yacht

Azzam, the world’s largest yacht, which is 590 feet long and was built by Lurssen in Germany, is reported to be more than 13, 000 tons of gross tons with a price tag estimated to be in excess of US$600 million.

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The new largest private jet

Boeing has unveiled their longest line of VVIP business jets to date a few weeks ago at the central Aviation Association Show in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates – The largest new private jet; the BBJ 777x.

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Gift Guide for the Super Wealthy

I think we all struggle at Christmas to identify the perfect present for you loved one, friend or work associate.  Its all that much harder if your giftee already has enough zeros in the bank to buy themselves anything they want!

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