Decorating your car is a great way to make the car stand out and to really tell people what it is that you’re interested in. One of the most common ways to personalize the car is by changing the rims to a different color, style, or shade than they originally were. A neat way to do this is by adding black rims to your car as it is subtle but can make pretty much any car look fantastic. There are several different types of rims that are black that you can add to your car including glossy black and flat black.

Glossy black rims are sleek and shiny and this helps to make them look good on pretty much any car that they end up being attached to. Glossy black rims will really draw attention to pretty much any paint job, making the contrast between the paint and the rims into something magnificent. The best thing about choosing the color black for your rims is that, instead of looking ridiculous, the sleek, glossy look with the color black will look subtle and sophisticated, drawing plenty of attention to your car but not in any sort of bad way at all. However, the downside to these rims can be the price, depending on how much you’re willing to spend. The price does vary on the size of the tire and the make of the car which means that a basic rim job for a normal car could end up costing you about your monthly car payment whereas adding the rims to a luxury vehicle would probably end up costing you a meager house payment depending on your personal definition of the word meager.

In addition to glossy rims, there is also something called flat black rims which can essentially be described as being ‘just black’ and are, therefore, very plain, basic and subtle black. These are most commonly seen on government vehicles as well as on military vehicles and on certain types of race cars. The prices of flat rims in the black shade are much more doable than those of glossy rims in the same shade as the basic type starts at around $200 and it goes up from there though it probably won’t go any higher than $5,000 for a basic set. The price, of course, will vary due to the make and model of the car as well as the size of the tire and the brand of rims that you end up getting.

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