The Truth about Warren Buffett

The Oracle of Omaha has a reputation as the gentle GOAT, but is there more to this than meets the eye? Is there something that is often overlooked? Or is this reputation warranted? (get it…warren, warranted?) Anyway…Let's begin… ​ The story begins in 1942, when Warren Buffet bought his first shares at the age of […]

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Louis Vuitton Carryall Review

The Louis Vuitton Carryall luggage bag is one of the products in the Monogram canvas family of Louis Vuitton products. Other quite similar bags in this family include the likes of the Keepall 55 bag, the Deauville and the Sac Chasse Bag; among others. While I confess to being an old-time fan of Louis bags,…

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Is Volkswagen a luxury car?

This certainly isn’t…This isn’t either…This is my car. Comfortable, slightly premium, but not luxury…Another step up? Very nice, but not yet luxury…But this one probably does count. For some years it was even offered with a V-12 engine.Of course, they also make thisThis… Source

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