Hi Everyone,

I am looking to purchase a Rolex for my father but am having trouble finding the one we are interested in at any of the stores (I am located in Hong Kong) My budget is fairly low (10K USD) so am in a bit of a bind at this point.

I was looking at the Submariner but that seems to be a pipe dream on such short notice. The other ones I am interested in are the Air King or the Datejust with a Blue or Black dial. (not fussed about size, 41 would be great but a 36 is fine too). I am struggling to find the perfect one in authorized stores but am having luck finding them in non authorized retailers who advertise the watches as being Brand New and selling them at a little over the retail price from the Rolex website.

The shops I am looking at for anyone familiar with HK are Watch 28 and Pheonix Watch company. Is it safe to purchase from these shops? How would it impact warranty or future servicing of the watch? Are there any red flags to watch out for?

The main question though is, would I be better off just buying the best watch available from an AD or is it worthwhile to purchase from these non AD shops?

Thanks for all your help and I'm sorry if all this sounds a little ignorant. I'm a pleb rocking an apple watch so have no idea how to navigate all this.

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