So there you are looking for a new car, yet you don’t have a lot of money to put aside towards this generating idea. Maybe you are looking for a first time car for a new driver in your family, but you are counting on reliability, so you think you can’t go cheap. Well guess what, cheap cars can also hold great reliability.

Let’s talk about some of the best places to find cheap cash cars:

In neighborhoods when you are driving or walking:

This can be a good source for finding cheap cash cars. When you drive or walk around just keep your eye out for cars that are parked with for sale signs on them. You must always remember safety though. You should always call the number first, instead just approaching the house by yourself.

Auto listing magazines:

Often time’s convenience stores in your area will have magazines that are designed for people to list their cars and trucks in your area.

The Internet:

Search engines like Yahoo have an area where people can list there autos in your area, again remember safety make sure they will meet you in the day time or a public area and let you drive the car.

The local news paper:

This is another great place to find cheap cash cars. Most newspapers have whole sections devoted to used vehicles.

Local car lots:

Used Car lots buy cars from people and usually give good money for them since this is their main way of getting inventory.

Cheap cash cars have developed an undeserved reputation. Sometimes all you need to do is put some care into that cheap cash car, and it can last a long time and still give you many miles of enjoyment.

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