Hey folks!

I am up to buy a new Rolex and I have decided it should be a Day-Date.

For now all Rolex' I had so far and still have are 40mm versions (Submariner and Daytona).

Unfortunately, I can't really warm up to the dial with Roman numerals in the DD 41mm version – I don't like the numerals' style and that the odd numbers are spared.

So I am thinking about going for the 36mm version. Namely this should be it: https://www.rolex.com/watches/day-date/m128239-0038.html

Actually here in Germany all stores that do not offer food or anything else of essential necessity are closed due to Corona. So this makes it impossible for me to just walk into an AD or even Rolex Germany to ask for showing me both sizes for comparing.

Does anyone of you have a 36mm watch (DD/DJ) and a 40/41mm watch (GMT, Sub, Daytona, DD, DJ) and can take a picture of them next to each other so I get at least a slight clue how this difference in size works out to the total appearance?

I would really appreciate.

Thanks in advance and all the best for you in 2021.

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