If you have an interest in cars but don’t have the budget to collect the real thing, a great hobby to get into is to start a scale model diecast car collection. You don’t need to be rich to afford to collect scale model diecast cars. They are affordable, highly detailed, easy to display, and a lot of fun.

You can collect vintage cars, American cars, foreign cars, even hot rods and race cars. It’s all up to you and your personal interest. On the racing front, the truly avid NASCAR fan may build a collection of NASCAR diecast, however these models tend to get expensive because they are highly sought after by collectors due to their high trade and resell value.

For most beginning diecast collectors it makes sense to start a collection with more reasonably priced items. A great way to start your collection is to shop on a site that has a broad range of diecast vehicles to choose from.

A main factor in determination of the price of a model diecast car is the size of the model. And, as most things go, bigger size means bigger price tag. For some reason the 1/18 scale diecast is a great way to start your collection: they are reasonably inexpensive and easy to store. 1/18 scale diecast is where the attention to detail really starts to become more apparent. This scale also offers a lot of working features like hoods, doors and trunks that open. Wired engines. Lots of interior detailing, and even working suspension systems. 1/24 scale diecast model cars can also include these features and high level of detail, but to get a really good quality 1/24 diecast car you are going to pay well over $100. Once you start getting smaller than 1/24 scale, most diecast vehicles in 1/32 scale, 1/43 scale or 1/64 scale are really nothing more than a HotWheels or Matchbox sized car.

Options available for new diecast car collectors include: 1/18 Scale (1/18th the size of a real car) 1/24 Scale (1/24th the size of a real car) 1/32 Scale (1/32nd the size of a real car) 1/43 Scale (1/43rd the size of a real car) 1/64 Scale (1/64th the size of a real car) which is basically, a Match Box car.

Lastly, if space is an issue, consider where you plan to store or display your model diecast cars before you buy.

As President of ValueDiecast.com, I have been helping diecast car and truck collectors build their collections for over 15 years! My personal collection includes over 1,000 diecast vehicles. Most are classics from the Thirties, Forties, Fifties and Sixties. I also collect muscle cars and custom hot rods. In fact, my collection has grown so large, I’ve developed a line of display cases where I can show off my cars while preventing them from getting dusty or allowing my kids to pull the mirrors off!
Happy Collecting – Tom Orifici


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