Hissing in the ear is one of the signs that you may have tinnitus. This is a condition where you hear unwanted noises in your ears such as ringing, hissing, and buzzing even without external stimuli. Treatments are more effective when you address the condition at its root cause.

Medical Conditions

You may hear hissing sounds in your ears as symptoms of medical conditions, diseases, or disorders, such as the following:

• High blood pressure that can also act as a symptom of other life threatening diseases such as cardiovascular diseases

• Migraine, a condition where you experience severe headache usually accompanied by ringing ears that can disrupt your routine

• TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, a condition where ear hissing and pain is a symptom.

Treatment of the disease or the disorder is necessary to free yourself from the symptom of ear hissing.

Exposure to Very Loud Noise

The most frequent cause of unwanted noise in your ears is also noise. Extreme noise causes damage to your inner ear resulting with you hearing unpleasant sounds in your ears even without external noise. The immediate solution to this is to refrain from going to places where you will hear extreme noise. The key is to reduce your exposure to loud noise.

However, in instances where avoiding loud noise is beyond your control, it helps that you wear protective earplugs. These plugs will act as your shield to prevent noise from damaging your inner ears.

Anxiety and Stress

Hissing in the ear usually happens with anxiety and stress. If you are anxious or stressed, most likely you will also hear this unwanted noise in your ear. It is crucial that you learn how to manage your stress if you want to get rid of its symptom.

You should not take stress and the hissing sound you hear for granted. Together, they can warn you of serious or life-threatening health diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Do not allow stress to rule your life, as you have several ways to get rid of it. Some of these are resting your mind and body, inhaling and exhaling as well as other breathing techniques, listening to calming music.

Clogged Ears

Clogged ear is a common cause why you hear the hissing sound. Typical reason for clogging of your ears is accumulation of earwax. While earwax serves are protection for your inner ear, too much of it can lead to problems such as unwanted noise.

Clogged ear is also a symptom of sinusitis. You will experience clogged ears and nose because of the overflow of mucus. Fluid will start to fill your ear and inflammation prevents drainage of this fluid. As a result, you will experience pain, pressure, and hissing in your ears.

Make sure that you clean your ears properly to prevent build-up and thickening of unnecessary earwax. To shield your body from inflammatory diseases and infections, you need to boost your immune system. You can do this through developing healthy dietary habits that may include high quality supplements to fill any nutrient gap.

These are the leading causes of hissing in the ear as well as how you can treat it immediately. It is always prudent to consult your ear specialist and get a good diagnosis of your condition to rule out any serious illness of which hissing is a symptom.

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