I first contacted my AD about a month ago about buying two DJs – one DJ 41 and one Lady DJ. I purchased a Milgauss from this AD five years ago, but I don’t think the SA from that transaction still works there. The AD was able to place a special order for the Lady DJ configuration I want, but said they are not able to place a special order for the DJ 41 and we just have to wait.

So far I’ve been making contact every week between texts and stopping by in person. Other than having placed the special order for the Lady DJ, every encounter is roughly the same with the SA saying they aren’t able to say how long the wait will be for either watch.

For those who have been in this situation over the past year, what is the proper etiquette for frequency of contact with the AD? Is weekly too often? I want to stay on the top of their mind but also not blow up their phone.

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