I mean i know there is a crazy grey market price associated with the 15300 but not when you compare it to hype the 15400 or 15500 receives in general.

I've noticed lots of people saying 39mm is the perfect size etc but can't get a 15202 and so settle for the 15450 or 15400/500. Well Isn't the 15300 the perfect answer to that? I think especially when they discontinue this version of the 15202 that it will somehow have an effect on the 15300 grey prices.

Also bonus question: what does the future of the AP grey prices look like 12-18 months from now? Just a year ago the prices were literally 50% cheaper on grey. Looking at RF posts complaining that a 15202 was overpriced 3-4 years ago on the grey market. Boy only if we knew.

Look forward to everyone's thoughts.

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