Picked up my first Rolex yesterday…couldn't be more happy with it.

Purchased via reputable grey – the pomp & circumstance of going to an AD seems fun but I found what I wanted – in impeccable condition, at a fair price.

And now for the overshare:

I come from really modest means – food stamps and thrift store clothes were mainstays of my childhood. I funded my education including a grad degree (that I don't use) and took some questionable career risks and pivots that are now really paying off.

Until recently I owned a Datejust II rep that I wore occasionally…nobody ever questioned whether it was real…but knowing that it wasn't was killing me inside.

The last 18 months or so I've taken some huge steps forward professionally, so this moment has been something I've recently accepted would eventually come.

After spending too much time deliberating the elasticity of the watch / Rolex market (which I admittedly don't know enough about to understand) I decided that the best time to purchase was when it was the right time for me.

No regrets whatsoever!

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