Hi all, thank you in advance for your guidance! A few questions that are coming up for me as a first time Rolex buyer and sorry if they sound newbish.

I live in San Francisco and will be taking a trip to Manhattan in a few weeks. I haven't been able to find my preferred Datejust specs (below) from the ADs in SF so I plan to check out brick and mortar ADs in NYC to see if I can find one and make the purchase in person

2021 new silver 36mm Datejust (126234), fluted bezel, sticks, oyster bracelet, white gold, MSRP $8300

  1. sales tax implications – is there any way to circumvent taxes by shipping the watch to San Francisco?
  2. can anyone recommend any ADs in NYC that have the specific DJ above?
  3. do most ADs like Tourneau accept AMEX?
  4. is there anything else that I should be mindful of? tips?

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