I am a younger business owner in Atlanta who has been very successful (28M) and am needing advice on the best way to purchase a Royal Oak (Rose Gold/Pink Gold) – 15500 or similar.

I have never visited the boutique store in Atlanta just because I know they will most likely judge me for my age, appearance, etc. and perhaps will not take me as a serious buyer. This has been a constant issue for me in business, when purchasing more expensive cars and other luxury pieces (people not being attentive or caring since they think I am not able to afford).

What are my chances being successful establishing a relationship with the boutique store? I have never really splurged on myself so I do not own anything expensive for them to see. My fiancé on the other hand, has a lot of expensive jewelry and handbags, which I hope to use to establish we mean business.

Do most people end up buying their AP with the suggested price off the site or does the boutique mark up as well? Also is it worth getting it through the grey market instead (chrono24)? I can't tell if the prices off chrono24 is marked up insanely high over the price on the AP site.

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