Hi everyone,

After months of lurking and absorbing in r/rolex, I finally created a reddit account, to ask for some guidance.

I just finished grad school, and landed a really spectacular job. To commemorate both of these achievements, I am planning to purchase my first Rolex. I have not narrowed it down completely, but am gravitating towards a white or silver face OP or DJ.

A challenge is that I now live in a very rural area, with no ADs close by. However, my graduation ceremony will be in the late summer 2021, back up in Boston. I would like to make a trip out of it, and had dreamed of simply strolling into an AD in Boston to buy the watch while I'm there. As I've learned more, this is feeling like a pipe dream, given availability.

Would I be better off to visit an AD while I'm there, get my name on a list, and plan to jet back up again once I get the call? Any suggestions?

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