Today was a bit of an eye opener for me. I have a separate policy to insure my watches, and, well, I was woefully underinsured it turns out. Many of our watches have really shot up in value lately and while that is nice, if your watch is stolen, lost or destroyed you may find you don’t have enough coverage to replace it. For example my 15400 was covered for probably half of its actual replacement value.

And it’s important to insure them for market value, not MSRP. I’ve got a good relationship with a boutique but the reality is that if either of my APs needed to be replaced I’d be in for a long wait or paying a big premium on the secondary market,

Given the tremendous lead time to acquire a replacement watch it’s well worth insuring them for their current replacement market value, namely having enough insurance that you can buy a replacement now, not 3 years from now.

Insurance for your watch isn’t terribly expensive and homeowners insurance is generally not the way to go, do NOT assume it will cover your watch.

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