I get that the methods of getting the cash vary — sales of a company or lots of stock holdings, inheritance, sports or arts careers, lottery.

But once I find myself the proud owner of $100,000,000 or $200,000,000 or $300,000,000, what do you typically do?

My vague understanding is you carefully with trusted fiscal guidance and legal oversight (competing lawyers…?) invest it in a diverse manner. Some into bonds, some into mutual funds, some into IRAs, whatever, and you aim for something like net 5%-8% annual growth.

Then you periodically have the money guy (how often?) liquefy some percentage of your growth into cash, which gets tossed into your checking account after tax allocations. So you might live off of something like 3% to 4% of your annual growth?

So if I had $300,000,000 to put into funds with a goal of withdrawing say 3.5% annually without touching the principle, it would be like $10,500,000 in revenue, and say 65% of that left after taxes and charity?

So about $6,825,000 a year, or $131,250 a week in theoretically perpetual net income to do whatever with? Re-invest, start businesses, invest, party, travel, pay a mortgage or two, buy groceries?

How often would you get that disbursement, typically?

How close am I in my guesswork?

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