Love psychology really is not a difficult thing to comprehend. However, many guys actually find it hard to understand women. However, if you know certain psychology tactics and techniques, then it would be super easy for you to completely decipher a woman’s actions and thoughts. You see, women are really predictable when it comes to love and relationships – simply because they are governed more by their emotions than their minds. therefore, if you understand women psychology in love and dating, then you would be able to make them fall for you – simply because they would think that you understand them.

Girl’s Psychology In Love And Dating – What You Need To Know

“The Emotional Factor”. As mentioned above, women are ruled by their hearts and not their heads. Therefore, you would be able to manipulate a woman’s emotions and make her fall in love with you completely… but only if you know how. There are a set of techniques and tactics which would give “seduction superpowers” to men and enable them to seduce any woman they lay their eyes on. Read on to discover one such tactic…

“Reverse Psychology”. The thing is that women like the things that they cannot get. Why would they go crazy over a limited edition Prada? Simple – it’s because it’s HARD to get. Therefore, if you want to appeal to women, then you must also be difficult to get yourself. One easy way to do this is to REJECT and disqualify women regularly. Make them all feel that they CANNOT get you – and your VALUE will skyrocket.

“Use Fractionation.” The “Reverse Psychology” tactic is actually a simplified version of a hypnosis trick known as Fractionation – which is said to give guys the superpowers to seduce women faster than you ever thought possible –

This tactic is the “best-kept secret” of the seduction underground, and once said is known only to 87 guys around the world. To get it for free, click here.


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