The brand new Rolex / Tudor boutique officially opens in the Meatpacking District today. Amazing location and the inside is beautiful with all of the materials coming from Switzerland and designed by Rolex. Every detail is perfect with some of the wood/mable finishing having a fluted-bezel-like appearance. There is a little coffee bar inside, the whole experience is really cool. The “pre-opening” was Friday-Sunday, and sadly the sports models are long gone, as far as I know.

That said, there are still many great watches available… r/rolex is obsessed with the Wimbledon dial and they have plenty of these on various bracelet/bezel/material combos, non-color OP’s (black, silver), DayDates, Baytona (I might have bought the last black dial on bracelet but sounded like there were Pandas in addition to one still on display), BB’s in silver, ceramic, bronze (the new in boutique only, bronze 39mm with the brown dial is great in person), etc.

It’s possible they had stuff like Explorers in the back, they definitely pulled a blue 41mm DJ out of the back for someone while I was there. I would check it out ASAP. Rolex had allocated significant inventory to this location to ensure it did not open with empty cases after the VIP weekend. Rolex is very excited about this store launch with all the Tourneau/Rolex management there over the weekend for the opening. This store is a big deal, especially as the flagship Fifth Avenue store prepares to close and consolidate!

29-35 9th Ave, New York, NY,10012

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