Hey everyone. Kind of like the title says, would be very grateful for any input on a third Rolex. I currently have a Hulk and rose gold Cellini Moonphase (both 2019) and am looking to buy a third Rolex this fall. The problem is that there are just so many beautiful Rolexes to choose from and it seems like every day there is a different one I’m crazy about. I’m leaning towards the rose gold yacht master with the oysterflex bracelet or one of the tool watches. I am very careful with my watches and never wear them to the beach/pool or anything, but I do wear them when chasing my kids around, so I wouldn’t want a watch that is especially susceptible to scratches (I think I read on here that the Milgauss is a scratch magnet).

Anyways, would appreciate any input on a watch that would round out my collection for the foreseeable future. Thanks!

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