It's my sisters birthday in 2 weeks and ive decided to treat her to something nice. We've had a pretty terrible year after losing our Dad to cancer so i would like to get her something special. She sent me a list of things and one of them was a wallet.

Now im an average guy so i have no clue as to whats what. But ive found 2 wallets i think she will like after she said no crazy colors or patent leather, just black or maybe beige.

So ladies of internet im asking for some help.

#1 – https://www.ysl.com/45/45234515IQ_14_a_V4.jpg?impolicy=ysl&imwidth=378&imdensity=1

#2 – https://uk.louisvuitton.com/eng-gb/products/clemence-wallet-monogram-empreinte-009348

any other suggestions are welcome and thankyou in advance.

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