We all know that condos offer a level of convenience that you just don’t get with a house. You still get the space and comfort of a house without all of the yard work. But which one should you choose? Do you want a high rise or a low rise? Read on to find out what the differences are between both condos, and what the advantages are of each type.

There really isn’t a consensus on what defines each type of condo. Generally speaking, a garden style condo is one with an exterior entry/exit that opens onto a central courtyard or garden patio. Think of it as a very low rise unit.

These condos are generally one to three stories in height, though in some areas the building is a bit taller, up to six stories. They are typically accessed from the outside, either by walking up a short flight of steps or by going up several floors of stairs. It’s easy to confuse low rise condos with townhomes.

Low rise condos tend to be less expensive than a high rise because they don’t have the security team monitoring access 24-7 and they don’t have the small shops or amenities. However, the places these condos are located are often much quieter and much more private than the cities that host high rise units. That said, they may involve a commute to work or to entertainment that you don’t have in a high rise.

A high rise condo often features stunning views of the city, nearby mountains, or the surrounding countryside, depending on its location. Their central location makes them extra convenient for living and working near where the restaurants and theatres you love are located. They also commonly feature a central lobby where a security station is set up. The monitoring and secured access to the units makes things a lot safer, particularly for city dwelling. This can make it harder, though, for guests who want to come visit.

They also often have elevators, which makes moving much simpler as well as bringing up bigger purchases. Entrances are all accessed from the inside so they’re great choices in bad weather areas. All of the maintenance is covered by your lease or condo fees. They may also have on-site laundry and dry cleaning services as well as common areas, fitness centers, and pools.

All of those extra features that high rises have come at a price. They typically have more expensive condo fees to pay for those features. They also hold many more residents, so they will be busier and less private than low rise condos would be. Keep in mind also that the relative amount of patio space to the number of units will be greatly reduced from a low rise’s.

So how do you choose which one is best for you? The best way is to choose a real estate agent or Realtor who is willing to show you several units. That way you can see what layout you like, what height of building you like, and what part of town suits you the best.

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