I've always wondered if there is a way out of the middle class. See, I have a 6 figure income and live in NYC 29 yrs old. Still, this does not provide enough income to pay a mortgage on a one bedroom condo in this City. Yes I understand NYC is probably the most expensive place to live. But I live in Queens where property values are probably 50% of those in Manhattan. The price tag is just too high, factor in the HOA fees and other expenses and buying a property will eat more than 50% of my net income .

Meanwhile, people with lower income get a lot of government aid and options for buying and renting homes. Due to my income i do not qualify for any type of income controlled properties. The poor gets help.

The wealthies already own everything in NY and I am pretty sure elsewhere in the US is the same story. There's no properties available which causes prices to go up. Add the fact that wealthy Asians have been buying astronomical amounts of property all over the US screwing more and more the middle class.

How do we break out of this middle class trap? I invest in stocks, automated investment portfolios even some cryptos but I don't see my wealth growing a lot by the time of retirement. Are we just destined to live like this forever ? Unless we become some tech entrepreneur I don't see a way out of it .

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