Cars are to men, what diamonds are to women! Those who are truly passionate about them don’t just stop at ogling at or buying (if they can) the latest mean machines, they collect their miniature versions too! If you are new collector or wish to buy one for a friend who is passionate about diecast cars, here are few tips which will help you buy the best models-

“God lies in details”, this statement holds absolutely true for diecast cars! From the interiors of the car, to the engine, wheel and lights, the more real they look, the better the model is considered to be.

Diecast cars come in several scales. The choice of the scale should depend on the kind of car model you intend to buy. For instance, cars of the scale 1:12 and 1:18 are fairly large in size, have minute detailing and are ideal for adult collectors. Vintage cars and model tractors, however, are generally smaller in size (scale 1:32).

If you are a collector you would of course have your own criteria of selecting cars. However, if you have to buy a diecast car model as a gift for someone, here are a few suggestions which will help you choose the right car-

· Everyone likes vintage cars, so you can never go wrong with them!

· If the person you intend to buy the diecast car for is a movie buff, you can consider buying a car model from one of his favorite movies. For instance you could buy a miniature version of one of Vin Diesel’s cars from the Fast and furious.

· Men who like war movies and playing “bombers” in video games tend to like military vehicles. A scale of 1:60 or 1:72 is ideal for these “toys”.

· Buying miniature versions of a collector’s favorite cars is also a good idea.

If you still can’t figure out which car to gift, take the simplest way out! Call the person you want to buy a diecast car for and ask them which model they would love to buy.

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