Helicopter private pilot license is a license that permits the holder of the license to act and fly a privately owned aircraft. The requirements and other relevant guidelines to be adhered to are laid down by International Civil Aviation Authority, but the actual implementation differs in different countries. Different types of private pilot license are issued for the most common categories of aircraft. Some of them are powered airplanes which can be single or multi engine and for sea or land, rotorcraft which is the helicopters and gyroplanes, gliders, airships and balloons. This license is issued according to JAA which is European regulations or FAA which is American certification. However, each organization has their own and different set of requirements. Insurance rates of private pilot are much lower than the recreational or sports pilot because this pilots are trained professionally to a higher degree.

With private pilot license one is restricted to fly only non commercial aircraft only. There are different licenses for transportation, commercial use and flying by instrument which is the night flying. Moreover one cannot each type of aircraft or helicopter with one basic license; instead a brief training program has to be taken for each specific aircraft to get the license to it. There are numerous steps which must be undertaken to obtain a helicopter private pilot license.

– The very first step is to ensure that one is healthy enough to fly. It’s mandatory for all private pilots to pass the medical examination and hold a medical certificate. The requirements include ability to perceive the colors necessary for a pilot’s duty and have minimum 20/40 vision in both the eyes.
– The next step is to get one self enrolled in the good training center. There are thousands of such institutes operating everywhere, but should make a wise selection which has a good faculty.
– Thirdly is to take the training. It all depends on the personal preference of taking these classes. One can opt for twice a week or may be 5 times a week also. But the classes are very expensive. One has to take minimum of 60 hours training under guidance and 10 hours of solo flying. As the instructor is satisfied he endorses the trainee s logbook and allows him to take the practical test with the FAA.
– Practical test includes an oral test where the student has to prove and demonstrate his aeronautical knowledge. This is followed by a field test where the student is required to show their flying skills. Students must undertake the practical test within 60 days of trainer’s endorsement.

Bottom line is that aviation is simply thrilling. From the different maneuvers that make one stomach drop to the cool night flies among the lights, nothing can beat it. One can get their private pilot license right away and feel the experiences themselves.

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