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Opening the watch case cover

  1. Pull the stem out which is right on top of the pocket watch to stop it working temporarily although with a dead battery, it may already stopped working anyway.
  2. Flip over the pocket watch.
  3. The most common and easiest way is to use the case knife.
  4. Find the recessed area on the edge of the back cover; this is the access point to insert the case knife. This recessed indent area is usually very tiny with the length 0.25-0.375″ so you need to look for it very carefully. Sometimes, the indent is right under the stem but not always necessarily. You may run your fingers around the back cover rim if it is hard to see.
  5. Hold the pocket watch in one hand and the case knife in the other hand.
  6. Slide the case knife (blade at its widest point) under the edge of the back of the case.
  7. Gently press the case knife to the case, twist and pry off, until you hear or feel the “pop”

Removing the old battery

  1. After the cover has been taken off, you will see the battery.
  2. See how the old battery is inserted, most likely you will see the battery type number engraved side facing up.
  3. Check the battery type number in order to get a new identical one to place it.
  4. Use a pair of tweezers to remove the battery.
  5. Use a brush to clean around and get rid of the dirt and debris from the watch compartment and the rim of the watch cover, and use a dust blower to blow away the dust.
  6. Stick in the new battery and move back the spring arm in the battery case at the same time with the tweezers, and press the battery down and let it set nicely in the battery case.


  1. Place the cover back to the watch.
  2. Simply, but gently, push the cover back to the watch using your fingers.
  3. Beware of breaking the glass through uneven pressure.
  4. Make sure the cover is securely back to the watch.
  5. Adjust the time and press the stem back.
  6. Clean the watch with a cleaning cloth.


  • Try not to use a regular sharp edge knife or a flat screwdriver unless you are really good and experienced in doing so. This may scratch the watch case and leave marks on the case cover. And you may hurt yourself too. The right tool to use is a case knife or watch case opener which is with blunt blade.
  • Use a nice and soft cloth to hold the pocket watch for pry off and put back the case cover, this will protect both your hand and the watch from being hurt by knife slip.
  • Use the blade instead of the point of the case knife when opening the back cover.
  • A plastic tweezers may be better than a metal one in protecting the mechanism of the watch inside.
  • Finally, vintage, waterproof and or specialized pocket watch should be taken to the professional.


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