Hey guys!Recently inherited a Rolex Datejust 1973 from my dad. When I got it he told me I needed to get it serviced, since he never did it, and the watch had been sitting in his closet for almost 20 years.I went to the only Authorized dealer in my city and delivered it, and was prepared for an insane service-bill. I got the quote today, which was well within what I expected, but they also said the bracelet was unoriginal.

I've asked for further explanations, in hopes that they mean that the bracelet isn't supposed to be on that model, or that the bracelet is so old they might have problems verifying it.

To the people of this subreddit: How can I verify a Jubilee bracelet from 1973? I couldn't find a serial number on it when I inspected it, but I noticed that the lettering were up-to Rolex standard (googled a lot to verify that that the watch itself was legit).The watch is currently being serviced, so I cant provide any pictures, but what should I be looking out for in a legit Jubilee bracelet from 1973?

Thanks for all help

Edit: Thank you for kind words. As I've had more time to think about it, and as you guys pointed out, the value of it is that it belonged to my father. If the bracelet is unoriginal or not doesn't matter 🙂

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