I am in the market to buy a GMT Master II all black as a gift for my fathers 50th birthday, and I’ve found three for sale that seem like decent offers, but wanted to see what you guys thought was the best watch to go for, out of the three I have found.

  1. Pre owned excellent condition, $11k, year:2008, no box or papers, however does come Certified Pre Owned from a good dealer with paper from them with their backing (+ I have the opportunity to see it in person before purchasing).

  2. Pre owned very good condition, $10,750, year: 2014, papers but NO box, comes from a Rolex AD but is sold pre owned.

  3. Pre owned very good condition, $9,975, year: 2007, box but NO papers, comes from AD, however is pre owned.

I am unsure with what to go with… (I’m thinking 1 or 2) But no papers does scare me a bit, but I’m sure it does go through it’s own inspections and I assume it’s most likely been serviced recently by Rolex itself. (Will ask when I inquire soon)

I just wanted to reach out to this Rolex community and see what you guys would go with and your thoughts on these choices. Because I’m not a watch guru, unlike many on here.

One other question: what is the lume color in the GMT Master II black bezel?

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