There has been some talk about Forever Living Products Scam on the internet. But for people who have been using their products, they can surely tell. Forever Living Products has been around for more than three decades now and is still a private company that has a turnover of $2B. No scammer could have pulled off his dirty tricks to such an extent.

Moreover, Forever Living Products operates around the world in every continent, with revenues coming from more than 140 countries and over 9 million distributors in its list. If the distributors were put together in one geographical region, they could very well put up their own country and Rex Maughan will be their President.

The company has offices in Mexico, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Paraguay, Turkey, and Japan. With all the nations, races, and cultures involved, there should be uproar about Forever Living Products by now, along with scores of angry mobs going to the streets burning their offices. But no, there are none. Which leaves the question why? Well, it’s because there is no scam and the Forever Living Products is legitimate.

Forever Living Products is the leader in supplying the world with quality Aloe Vera-based products, including Aloe Vera drinks that help with the digestion of food, Aloe Vera weight management products, Aloe Vera-based supplements, personal care products, and a full line of cosmetics. They have also expanded their line with bee hive-based products and water filtration.

If it’s not the products, it could be the system. The answer is still no. When you enter into the business, the few hundred dollars you pay (around $200-$300) is used to buy your first set of products. So, in the essence, there are no recruitment fees because the money you pay, you use to buy your first batch of goods.

There’s also the Earned Incentives for the hard-working distributors. This incentive does not directly benefit the company. If Forever Living Products is benefited from this, it will be by having more diligent distributors that aim for the Earned Incentives. These include car plans and luxury holidays in some of the company’s global resorts. No scammer would give such a generous offer.

Aside from that, the founder and CEO, Rex Maughan hands out Profit Share checks to any of his qualified distributors once every year. But it’s not just handing out. He invites you to a fully paid luxury hotel stay and a Rally Tour where he gives the actual checks. These Profit Share checks may range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars or euros. It all depends on the turnover of the country it is earned from.

So, is the Forever Living Products scam true? No hard facts are present that would solidify the case. Consequently, that only means there is no truth to it. If the company has been scamming people all these years, a whole train of lawsuits would have made its way through its door by now. Forever Living Products is a genuine multi-level marketing company that has stood firm throughout the years. It will take more than a petty talk of a scam to bring it down to its knees.

Clearly, the Forever Living Products scam [] story is false. You can be successful with FLP. You are no different than anyone else. You have the same opportunity as anyone else.

By aligning yourself with a company built with integrity and aligning yourself with the right training and mentorship that will guide you, and show you step-by-step how to market your products and business, you have every opportunity to be successful.

For more information on how you can learn to market and build a Forever Living business like a pro, visit [].


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