Lisa Kitter is a woman, “on purpose” and living her life full out! At a very young age, Lisa decided to become more, do more, be more and to live more and she committed to inspiring others to do the same!

Lisa’s passion is inspiring, empowering and teaching others, especially entrepreneurs, how to achieve more prosperity, peace of mind, as well as business and personal success, RIGHT NOW!

As an empowerment speaker, Lisa speaks candidly about her humble beginnings, raised in Alaska, without running water or electricity. She gives us an interesting perspective of what it was like to become a single Mom at age eighteen, facing huge obstacles and the many challenges she overcame, using her son as her life-long inspiration.

After years of struggle, while pursuing her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur success story, Lisa finally achieved her goal of an annual, seven figure income, by the age of forty. Lisa has been to the top of success mountain and back to the bottom… more than a few times! She knows what it takes to achieve personal and financial success, she is quick to point out the tenacity, vision and discipline required, to maintain a healthy and prosperous life.

As a speaker, Lisa is highly inspiring, and uses quick-witted humor to get her powerful message across. She has the ability to deliver her message, in such a way, as to give you the feeling that she is speaking directly to you. She empathizes with what you’re going through and she knows how to best support you, and empower you to move beyond your circumstances!

Audiences love how Lisa uses real life stories to assist her listeners in seeing themselves achieving many of their long-awaited goals and dreams.Her tough love, no nonsense, passionate and often hilarious approach to overcoming life’s many obstacles, has made Lisa a favorite speaker for business groups, entrepreneur audiences, sales people and women’s workshops.

Lisa has personally coached more than 2000 clients one-on-one, over the phone or in person since 1999. She has spoken to audiences numbering in the thousands, all over the world and has shared a stage with some of today’s most brilliant speakers.

If personal empowerment, inspired leadership and a passion for excellence is what you’re seeking, Lisa Kitter is the speaker/trainer for you!

Lisa has authored numerous self improvement, business sales, and spiritual empowerment audio programs, articles and books.

More from Lisa D Kitter

5 Smart Business Tips for Men to Remember When Prospecting A Woman

Home Based Business: Network Marketing • Published: October 29, 2012

I’m often asked by men, “how do I approach a woman from a business perspective without her thinking that I am coming on to her personally?” The answer is, “it’s a fine line and you must be prepared to walk it with confidence and finesse.” Women can be confusing creatures and often times we can be a challenge to get a good read on, especially for the male species.

The Ability to Influence

Business: Sales • Published: September 7, 2010

When you have a product and or a service to market, be that product a widget, a nutritional shake or a condominium, you are in a position to influence your potential customer to buy. To make the decision to buy today and not tomorrow, to buy from you and not the guy next door. To purchase at the price you’re selling for because you have created value not only in your product or service but also in you.

Tapping Into Your Inner Strength

Self Improvement: Empowerment • Published: September 7, 2010

Each person is responsible for his or her own life experience. If you choose to walk around feeling rejected then that is your choice. Begin today to not take everything so personally. It’s time to realize that most of that which you are taking personally, isn’t even about you at all! It’s about the other persona and their beliefs, experiences and habits of behavior.

Keep it Simple and Stick to the System

Home Based Business: Network Marketing • Published: January 15, 2010

Many of you are excited and you are anxious to begin prospecting or perhaps you’ve already begun to prospect only to discover that you’re doing a lot of telling and selling! You must have an easy system that you can use to share your product and opportunity with others.

Who Am I Looking For at a Glance

Business: Solo Professionals • Published: January 15, 2010

If you haven’t done so already, make a list of the top 15 qualities you are seeking in your potential business partner or prospect. Let’s focus on the “top” 15 qualities that are important to you.

Are You Buying Or Selling?

Home Based Business: Network Marketing • Published: January 15, 2010

How do you buy their excuses? When you hear an excuse, any excuse, you must recognize it for what it is – an excuse. You aren’t selling them, you’re not convincing them and you’re not trying to save them. I see so many marketers coming from a position of “need ” or “begging” instead of a position of “empowerment” or “leadership.” Because, those people were so caught up in the, “How to” and not in the, “Go and do.”

Keeping it Real in Network Marketing

Home Based Business: Network Marketing • Published: January 5, 2010

It used to be that fluff and stuff really could hook a new business partner, you know what I mean. The great cars, the Rolex watch and the perpetual tan was all signs of a successful MLM’er in the old days.

Step Up to Your Success

Self Improvement: Success • Published: January 5, 2010

Take time to look around and to begin accessing all of your marketable qualities. In other words, what is your value to John Q Public? This is definitely a case of; make a list and check it twice to be sure you haven’t overlooked something really extra special about yourself. Better yet, ask a close friend or family member to do the checking over for you because they usually will see wonderful talents in you that you may not recognize yourself.

Are You a Digger?

Home Based Business: Network Marketing • Published: December 31, 2009

People often ask me if I got discouraged when I was struggling to build my home based business and the answer is, absolutely! Discouragement for me meant that I also became more determined, focused and motivated to achieve success and I was not willing to accept the struggle as part of my reality for very long.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Relationships: Communication • Published: December 31, 2009

Becoming a better communicator takes practice and patience, mostly with yourself because what you will more than likely find is that you talk too much and listen too little. When we are in tune with other people and we listen to our quiet, wee voice inside each of us called our intuition; we can generally pick up on our conversation partner’s energy and feelings.


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