I am trying to buy my first AP — either a chronograph or perpetual calendar the two models I am most interested in are the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Openworked In Black Ceramic & the Royal Oak Chronograph Limited Edition In 18k White Gold Ice Blue.

I have called both boutiques on the west coast Bev Hills & Las Vegas and they said they have no stock of any Royal Oaks. Of course they're also out of stock of the two models I mentioned, which is to be expected as their extremely limited.

My question is should I?

a) fork up the money to buy one of these watches resale

Openworked Black Ceramic (300K)

Limited Edition in 18K Ice Blue (N/A)

b) work up a relationship with a local boutique so that I can potentially get an allocation for an openworked AP at retail in the next lot. Spend ~ $100K – 200K then 75-150K on the next watch.

c) get a starter royal Oak regular chronograph or self-winding. The issue with this is that both boutiques say they don't have any stock until their next allocation.

I'm new to watch collecting and this would be my first luxury watch purchase so any advice is greatly appreciated!

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