Rather than using its traditional Monogram leather materials, this season Louis Vuitton has released a brand new series-the Louis Vuitton Slightly Denim. Just as its name tells, the bag is slight in weight for the light denim it used and will cheer you up in the downturn economy with its simple yet elegant color.

The bag marries modest capacity and functionality. Firstly, the bag is made from endurable Monogram Denim canvas and not-so-easy-to-stain micro fiber lining. It is sized at 15.7″ x 9.4″ x 3.3″, an ideal capacity to hold all your daily necessities yet not to appear tumid. Secondly, I would like to illustrate its functionality. The bag has one inside flat pocket and one phone pocket at your convenience, and all the pockets as well as the bag itself are secured by zipper closure. Besides, the bag is also graceful due to some details like the vintage golden brass pieces and grained calfskin trimmings. With an adjustable shoulder strap, the bag can be comfortably shouldered or carried cross body. This adorable Denim bag is available in black, pink and grey.

Although many fashion-pursuers may already conquered by the elegance and style of this Louis Vuitton Denim bag, some people are still hesitate by the window. The reason is simple: they just do not know how to take care of this new material bag. If this is the reason for you, here are some tips on the maintenance of Denim. Hopefully it will be usefully for you.

Made from carefully selected high quality cottons, the Monogram Denim canvas is both supple and strong. To get a real “used” effect, the Denim canvas is bleached and stonewashed, giving it’s a distinctive and “vintage” look. Therefore, to enjoy the beauty of the bag for years, you must pay attention to the following details. Firstly, avoid contact with abrasive surfaces; secondly, protect the bag from humidity and avoid exposure to sunlight or any direct heat source as the color might fade; thirdly, store it in the felt pouch provided to preserve it when you don’t use the bag; finally, as the Monogram Denim Canvas is water-repellent, you can clean the superficial stains by wiping the bag with a slightly dampened and light cloth avoiding the contact with leather pieces. So far, I believe that you will be confident enough to invest and maintain your Monogram Denim bag.

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