If you think that exploring the treasure-troves of India is a challenging task, then luxury trains in India have arrived as one of the most easiest and comfortable solutions for you. The glorious past, spectacular monuments and breathtaking natural beauty of this incredible land is the biggest draw among the global travelers and luxury train tours strive towards upholding the very best of vibrant Indian Kaleidoscope.

More so if you are afraid of your ordeals in the cramped airliners, then luxury trains make sure to pamper you with sheer opulence and royalty which is surely going to make your vacations mesmerizing to the hilt. Luxury train tours are the latest fad for those who are not afraid of shelling out big bucks and wish to experience the comforts of a five star hotel on wheels.

There are total number of six luxury trains in India which are renowned for their world class facilities and traditional hospitality. Besides, the best part about these trains is their strategically designed itineraries which offers overnight journeys and utilizes day time to explore new destinations in shortest possible time. Adding to the aforementioned features, guided sightseeing excursions provide in-depth knowledge about history and culture of the destinations.

When it comes to luxury train tours, one cannot do away without mentioning Palace on Wheels which bears resemblance to the personal rail carriages of former Indian monarchs. Rated among the ten best opulent rail journeys in the world, Palace on Wheels brings you face to face with the royal heritage of Rajasthan during the course of its 8 days and 7 night’s journey.

The fragrance of Rajasthan is manifested in the ethnic interiors as well as red carpet welcome and traditional hospitality maintained during the Palace on Wheels journey which once used to be the exclusive province of Rajputana rulers. The weeklong journey is your chance to explore the royal and cultural facet of Rajasthan with exploration of magnificent forts, palaces and havelis as well as by acquainting yourself with the folklore, local traditions and cultural performances.

Following the overwhelming success of Palace on Wheels, Rajasthan Tourism and Development Corporation launched Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, another luxury train in 2009 which not just whisks you into the Rajputana heartland but also offers peak into the vibrant cultural aspects of India with halts in Khajuraho and Varanasi.

Besides Rajasthan, luxury rail tours also explores western and southern region of India. Whereas Deccan Odyssey traverses the course of enchanting destinations in Maharashtra along with a halt at beach paradise, Goa; the Golden Chariot lets you explore the natural and cultural treasure troves of the south. Then there is Indian Maharaja who’s Delhi to Mumbai and Mumbai to Delhi journey is a medley of Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

Luxury train travel has attained a new high with the advent of Maharajas’ Express on the scene which offers 3 pan-Indian rail tours and 2 golden triangle tours and by far one of the most luxurious trains in the world. All these luxury trains might differ in terms of destinations they travel but share one thing in common. The seamless blend of traditional and contemporary manifested in their décor, facilities and hospitality is the most salient feature found in every train. luxury train tours in India are reminiscent of the art of elegant travelling as practiced by erstwhile maharajas of India. What set apart this train is the idea of providing royal pampering and opulent facilities with sightseeing of some of the best destinations in Indian subcontinent. To say that a new age of opulent and elegant travelling has arrived in India with the rise of luxury tourists trains will not be an exaggeration.

About the Author: Harren Lee is an avid traveler and has same passion for writing. His articles offer practical information, review, news and interesting trivia about traveling and holidays in India and luxury trains in India including the luxury train.


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