Many women wonder if they can get more control over their vaginal muscles, and if they can make themselves tighter. Women want to please their man and they have questions about vaginal squeeze methods. Read this brief question and answer session to learn about these methods.

What are vaginal squeezes, and does every have the ability to do this?

Squeezes are basically the ability to lightly clamp on your man’s penis, at various point on the shaft, and milk it. This can be done by almost any woman who has tightened her Kegel muscles and the muscle of the pelvic floor. A small percentage of women who are usually athletes have the ability to do this. They tone all their muscles in the course of strenuous physical activity. There movements are much more complex throughout their day than just walking and sitting. Some of them will get this ability naturally and think they were born with it, but they weren’t.

How long does it take to be able to squeeze your man sufficiently?

Surprisingly, you can be significantly tighter and have more control over your vagina in about 2 weeks. These muscles are very responsive to simple work outs. This can make your sex life much better for a variety of reasons that will be mentioned below. Some women even report that they can get control in as little as 5 days.

How does being able to squeeze make the sex life better besides just the ability to clamp down?

What happens as you get more and more control is that you begin to tighten the pelvic floor and make yourself generally tighter. This will produce more friction against the male penis and more friction against the vaginal walls. A more enjoyable sexual experience is had by both parties.

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