Hi I'm new to this subreddit and you to the World of Watches. I have recently made the decision that I want to buy a Rolex watch. I have gone to several locations to see different models and choose a watch that I like. All of the places that I have been to have been in person at authorized Rolex dealerships. My confusion comes at picking between the two watches that I like a lot. Both of them are date-just. The first watch is a brand new 2020 two-tone 36 with a white room in numeral dial, no diamonds etc (12k). The other watch is a vintage date just from 1983 solid gold 36 with a blue gradient dial with diamonds (16k), I believe it has all the paperwork that comes along. I personally do not want to ever sell these watches in my lifetime and wood would like to keep them and pass them down as heirlooms. But I'm lost if I should spend the extra $4,000 on the all gold rolex. Another issue that I have is the new Rolex comes with a 5 year warranty while the old one only comes with a 1 year warranty. Any advice is welcomed, thanks.

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