Hi all,

Apologies if this post is out of place here- no photos of my own Rolex to show off just yet. 🙂

I am approaching a life milestone in the next year and I am planning on celebrating it with the purchase of a submariner.

Given that I am new to the world of luxury watches, and would prefer to purchase this at retail price, where should I start?

A bit of context:
-I have zero pre-existing relationships with AD’s.
-Live/work in NYC (presumably lots of competition here)
-Willing to wait 1-2 years for this purchase

Any recommendations on how I can maximize my chance of getting access to one of these from an AD within the next 1-2 years given that I am starting from square one? Is it as simple as reaching out to all local AD’s and just… waiting?

Thanks for the advice- I’m open to any/all feedback on how I am thinking about this.

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