By Jim Carver  |   Submitted On October 15, 2009

If you have the money then there can be no better way of traveling in style than in a private jet! As you can imagine, the private jet cost is huge and for that reason only the very richest can even contemplate getting one. But is it really worth it?

First of all you have to remember that when you buy a jet that isn’t going to be the only cost. You are also going to have to pay for all the maintenance, the fuel and a crew to fly it which can add up to a lot of money. In some cases in a few years this will cost more than the actual plane itself.

Also, how much time would you actually spend flying in the jet? If you aren’t going to use it that often then it might be cheaper for you to just hire a jet when you need it rather than having the huge private jet cost all year round. In fact it is estimate that if you fly less than 400 hours a year then you are wasting your money getting a private jet and it is much better to hire one. However you need to do the calculations for yourself to see whether it would be cost effective.

Getting a new jet might seem like an exciting idea – and there is no doubt it is – but it’s important to think about the true cost involved and weigh up whether it is the right decision for you at this time.

If you are still considering buying a private jet or would like to learn more about the true price involved then please visit private jet cost. If you would like to travel in style but not quite at the same level of cost then please consider chauffeur car hire.

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