1000 IT 5AD Authentic Ancient Roman MAN & WOMAN EMBRACING coin Good

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Details: 5AD Authentic Ancient Roman MAN & WOMAN EMBRACING Terracotta Oil Lamp i66817
5 A.D. – 200 A.D. Roman Terracotta ‘Man and Woman Embracing’ Oil Lamp Artifact
| Weight: 67.61 grams | Material: Terracotta (Clay) | 9.9 x 7.2 x 2.5 centimeters
Oil lamps were used in ancient times for lighting of places. The oil would be placed in the top hole and the neck part would get a wick and be lit. This one is terracotta or made of clay. The ancient Romans would place various designs on these lamps. The most sought-after designs are those of the man and woman embracing kind that are pictured and those of gladiators. Beautiful authentic ancient Roman artifact of everyday use, great rarity and desirability.
Provenance: From private collection in the United States of America.
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From private collection in the United States, bought in private sale in the United States of America.